How to Properly Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

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Sunglasses can protect your eyes against the ultraviolet light, but not all models are the same. If you pick the wrong kind, you’re not protecting your eyes against cataracts, blindness and other side effects of UV.

Because not all glasses are the same, you need to consider several factors when purchasing one. When it gets warm, experts recommend getting a pair that can block at least 99% of UV radiation. It must not only block UVA but also the UVB rays.

Then, you should look for a pair that fits you because poorly fitted model won’t offer you protection against UV rays. Plus you don’t want to wear a pair of sunglasses that you feel uncomfortable. Having too small or too large glasses will only let some of the lights in your eyes. Hence, athletes opt to use wraparound glasses to ensure that they have the right protection for their eyes.

mens and womens sunglassesBoth mens and womens sunglasses come in polarized lenses. Although they can deflect glare, they don’t offer the protection that you need against UV rays. Even those lenses that are made of real glass won’t offer enough protection. Your best bet is polycarbonate plastic lenses. They provide sufficient protection. Plus, they’re sturdier than those two options mentioned.

If you’re wearing eyeglasses, you can opt for prescription sunglasses. Or you can have a clip-on pair of lenses that protects your eyes when you’re out in the sun.

You may wear contact lenses that come with enhanced protection. But they’re not enough to prevent UV rays from affecting your eyes. Thus, it’s a must that you wear sunglasses too.

How about age? Does it matter?

Children’s eyes require having more protection because of their clearer lenses and corneas. So, don’t let your kids stroll around the beach without their sunglasses on. Good thing these days is that you can find designers that provide a pair for kids. Shop for a pair and allow your kids to pick a pair that they like.

Is it necessary to wear them in the winter?

Yes, it’s necessary to wear them. Even though the sun is less often seen during this season, it can still affect your eyes. So wear your sunglasses no matter what season it is.

Must-Know Things About Steam Mops

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Steam mop are revolutionizing how you wash your own floors. Instead of using a regular mop, you can use this appliance to perform better cleaning. Compared to non-electric mop, this one is more expensive but it’s still gaining popularity. Thanks to its convenience and performance people are willing to pay more just to obtain this worthwhile tool.


This appliance can be one-sided or two-sided. The former allows you to flip its head over so you can use the other side of the cloth. The latter, on the other hand, is considered to be the most practical unit as you don’t need to unplug and change its cloth when one side is dirty. Instead, you just have to turn it over.

With dual function

It’s a type of steam mop that has a secondary function. The main function is to clean the floor through the steam of hot and clean water. Its secondary function includes scrubbing or sweeping feature. Because of the different types and models of this unit, you need to look at the features of a particular model to help you make a final choice. Make sure that the one you choose offers the right functions.


Steam MopsUnlike the regular mop, there’s no need for you to wring or swing a heavy floor mop, thereby, you can prevent straining your back.

Generally, using this appliance requires little effort. However, if you opt for a larger, bulkier unit, it can surely add weight to the tool.
SO, you must choose a unit that’s easy to handle. Inspect the unit before purchasing it and check its accessories, features, and the like to make sure that you can easily lift and handle it when cleaning the floor.

Fortunately, most units have swivel heads that make them easy to maneuver when cleaning around cabinets and corners.

How about its performance?

One way to know its performance is through its steam’s intensity or watts. Learning this information can help you compare one unit from another to make the right choice. If you want effective, deep cleaning, you would need a steam mop that can produce very hot steam. It’s also better if you opt for higher wattage.

When it comes to the mop cloth of a steam mop, make sure that the cloth is thick, durable and absorbent. It must also be easy to fasten. You can find this information through the manufacturer’s official website.

Can a Toaster Oven Really Cook Anything?

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Yes, your toaster oven can multi-task, despite its small size. This is especially true if you opt for a convection type. It’s an eco-friendly oven that doesn’t only preheat leftovers but it will also help you save on energy bills.

Depending on your toaster oven choice, you can cook any type of meals. Do you want a pot roast? Cook it in this oven. Whole chicken, lasagna and pizza can also be done through this appliance. Plus, it bakes your bread perfectly.

Bake cookies

Cooking with Toaster OvenA convection toaster oven allows your kid to use it safely. For instance, if you opt for a high-end unit that comes with a self-eject tray, you don’t have to worry about your kids reaching inside and hurting their fingers.

Another great thing about it is that it doesn’t waste energy. That said, even if you only bake a few cookies, you can do so without worrying about your energy bills going higher, but be extra careful in its cooking time. Since there are only a few pieces, cooking time will be faster than when you cook them with more pieces.

Having fresh pizza

With a convection toaster oven, you can warm up the pizza you purchased last night without worrying about soggy piece or hard cheese. This type of oven will make it like it has been freshly baked. It means that you’ll have crunchy crust and nicely melted cheese.

Defrosting faster

It is faster when you defrost your food in this oven. By throwing it inside, you’re not only defrosting it but you’re also partially cooking it, thereby, making it easier to complete preparing your meal.

Do you want perfectly baked potatoes?

A perfectly baked potato must be soft, with golden brown color and its inside well-done. You can achieve it using a convection toaster oven which offers even cooking on all sides, no matter what food you’re cooking. Thus, when you throw some potatoes in, they will come out perfectly cooked, regardless of their size. Then, don’t forget to add some bacon bits and melted cheese so your family will love them.

There are other things that you can do with your convection toaster oven. Give yourself a time to experiment on the other meals you can prepare using it.

The Difference Between Upright and Recumbent Exercise Bikes

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An exercise bike can be bought from $200 to $2,000, depending on its features. Of course, those pricier machines can provide you with better features and sturdier designs, but certain cheaper machines can offer you equally satisfying workouts without those bells and whistles.

Although running is considered as the best cardio-respiratory fitness exercise, this machine can offer you tons of health benefits, including strengthening your hips, glutes and legs. The strengthening benefits of this machine can be further achieved by ramping up the resistance so your muscles will work harder

Types of exercise bike

Upright and Recumbent Exercise BikesThere are two types of exercise bikes. The first one is upright, which is the most common machine you’ll see in a fitness shop. This looks like a regular bike that you use outdoors.
The other type is a recumbent machine, which supports your back by allowing a more relaxing seat position.

These two offer similar fitness goals, but the upright is considered to be better in working your glutes. This is because you can extend your hips fully.

If you find it difficult to balance or if you’re suffering from lower-limb injuries, then a stationary bike is a better option than running outside. And if you have back problems, you might settle with the recumbent version.

Do you need to try it before buying it?

It’s an ideal option to try the exercise bike before making an actual purchase. If you’re planning to obtain it from an online store, then it’s necessary that you go to a local fitness shop and try it before you purchase it online.
When shopping for the best rated stationary exercise bike, you must choose a model that you can adjust to fit your size. It’s also necessary that you go with a model that comes with a comfortable seat. Study its pedals and make sure that they fit your feet perfectly.

Bear in mind that some exercise bikes with ergonomic designs as their winning features aren’t ideal options. Some of them have uncomfortable seats while others aren’t great for taller individuals as they may hit their knees on the bike’s handlebars.

The warranty of an exercise bike should also be considered. Make sure that you choose a model with at least 2 years coverage on moving parts.

Thermostat Troubleshooting Tips

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Your thermostat can malfunction which may cause your heating and cooling systems to work incorrectly. So, before you hire a professional to take care of those systems, you should first troubleshoot your programmable thermostat. In some cases, a simple repair to such unit can help you save on unnecessary service costs.

programmable thermostatWhen this appliance fails, it doesn’t cause dramatic errors, this means that you won’t see puffs of smoke or shooting sparks. But the failure can still be very obvious, like your house is warmer or cooler than the temperature you have set. To troubleshoot the error, start with the thermometer. Then, narrow down it down until you arrive to a certain solution for the failure.

Won’t turn on

If a programmable thermostat won’t turn on, you should check its power. It could be caused by a tripped circuit breaker (here’s how to fix that) or a blown fuse.
Dead batteries might also be the culprit of preventing the unit from turning on.

Water of course is a problem, but dirt can be another reason your unit isn’t working. Dust, nicotine and spider webs can buildup causing a coat inside the unit. As a result, it’ll interfere with the unit’s electrical and mechanical components.

Loose wires may also cause trouble to the unit. Check if they’re corroded. But before you check the wires, make sure that you’ve removed the unit’s batteries or cut the power. If there’s a need for rewiring, you should hire a qualified technician to do it for you to avoid major problems related to a malfunction thermostat.

If you have tried all troubleshooting methods but your thermostat failed to turn on, it’d be better to replace the unit.

How to Obtain the Best Water Filter for Your House

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A water filter is meant to provide you with clean water, which is vital for your health. With a filtration system installed in your house, you can stay hydrated without drinking the common pollutants found in drinking water.

If you’re planning to install a filtration system in your house, it’s a good idea to identify first the most common contaminants in your tap water. The contaminants may depend on the state you live in, and usually you can inquire at your local water utility about its recent water testing result.

After knowing the results, it’s now time for you to find the right filter to attach to your faucet.

1.Choose a model that matches your budget and your needs.

Water FilterThe least expensive is the carbon water filter. If you want to obtain the most effective filter, then opt for a reverse osmosis system.

2.Understand how it works

Regardless of the brand, all water filters utilize almost the same technology. One of the most common technologies is a carbon filter, which reduces common contaminants. The reverse osmosis water filter can eliminate contaminants that a carbon filter can’t. It can be costly but it can effectively remove arsenic and perchlorate.

Of course, you should also obtain your water filter from a reputable source. In this way, you can be sure of the quality and its performance.

Clean Your Toilet Regularly To Increase Its Life

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Even though it should be obvious, but many people do not clean their toilets regularly and properly. This not only turns the toilet into a festering ground for dirt and germs, but also wears out the longevity of the toilet. For best results, it is better to clean the toilet at least once every week and with the right equipment.clean Toilet

It is advised to clean the toilet with paper towels. That way, those towels can be disposed off unlike cloth towels. A toilet brush is of course necessary but toothbrushes are better for cleaning hard to reach spots and tough grime. Just a couple of old and used toothbrushes ought to do the trick.

Wearing rubber gloves while cleaning prevents chances of infection. You can use two cleaning agents, one for the areas outside the bowl and general areas and the other for inside the toilet bowl. Many people forget to clean the bottom part of the toilet or the flush tank but those can contain just as much dirt, grime and germs as the toilet bowl itself. Make sure you get to those areas.

There are many online videos that show the best way to clean toilets or you can just visit the best toilet, a review website with plenty of information on cleaning and maintaining your toilets as well. Just do it regularly and you will have a clean toilet and a healthy lifestyle.